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  • Billings Butte - Billings Bozeman Pass
  • Max is the Max Distance the Driver wishes to go as percent. Max 110 on a one hundred mile trip means your willing to drive a total of 110 miles. Min is the shortest pickup you are willing to make. Min 32 on a one hundred mile trip means the ride request must go at least 32 miles for you to get a match. When you select a ride and a drive, the break point settings for Min and Max for the combination will be displayed in either Red (Fail) or Green (Success) above the "Test" button. The Max Min calculator lets you understand the Max Min settings as a Driver, and estimate real world situations you may encounter. Do you commute nearby a plant at shift change and want to be sure your settings match with Ride seekers at the plant ? This is where you can be sure, and adjust your prefs setting accordingly, or simply change the value for certain rides or drives. If you live near large lakes or mountains you will want to use this estimator tool to get the most out of the system The System presents your actual ride drive requests in your account, or a sample set if you click the "Examples" button.You can add actual requests or drives to your account to examine the impact of Max and Min on your special needs.

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